Executive Viewpoint

18Birdies App Gamifies Golf, Settles Sidebets, & Scores Socially

Jul 10, 2017

Golf app 18Birdies allows users to track and socially share golf scores among friends and for organized tournaments, as well as calculate sidebets in real time, and it offers GPS to...

Facial Recognition App "15 Seconds of Fame" Captures Sports Fans’ Moments of Glory

Apr 10, 2017

Many enthusiastic sports lovers enjoy seeing their team play in person, but maybe the only thing some fans like more is seeing themselves or friends on the Jumbotron scoreboard during...

NFL Mobile's Playbook for Paydirt

Jan 30, 2017

NFL Media’s drive for mobile expansion is hitting paydirt. The league has overhauled its fan-facing app and mobile website to streamline offerings for easier navigation and of course...

Industry Insight

Mobile Wallets Still Trying to End the Plastic Preference in the U.S. Market

Dec 11, 2017

Retailers and payments companies are still searching for ways to get Americans to open up their mobile wallets this holiday season. But as Hans Klis reports, there are some successes...

Scoring Revenue and Growth in the Saturated F2P Games Market

Nov 6, 2017

Even though the mobile games market is showing massive growth, carving out a piece of the pie is not so easy. In an oversaturated market for free-to-play games, it’s hard to become the...

Park Place: Mobile Payments Ease Pain for New Yorkers

Sep 11, 2017

Parking in New York City can be hell for residents and visitors alike. The city’s ParkNYC app aims to ease that pain. Hans Klis provides a progress report from the Big Apple.


Mobile Digest

Mobile Digest: Bitcoin bonanza looks to reshape mobile currency

Dec 11, 2017

The Bitcoin revolution could be the future of mobile payments or a hallucinatory bubble. Andrew Tolve reports.

Mobile Digest: Mobile sales dominate record-setting Black Friday

Nov 27, 2017

Mobile devices are starting to take the crazy out of holiday shopping. Andrew Tolve reports.

Mobile Digest: With iPhone X, Apple launches “smartphone of the future”

Nov 6, 2017

Apple promised to reimagine everything about its flagship device. It might just have pulled it off. Andrew Tolve reports.