Executive Viewpoint

Skyhook Scores with Proprietary Mobile Location Services

Sep 19, 2016

Mobile location services company Skyhook helps companies monitor locations, trigger events, and provide context for consumer behavior. David Barstow, VP of product for Skyhook...

Hoyos Labs: Authentication and Security without Passwords

Jan 11, 2016

Identity theft and authentication are growing concerns for companies, especially with more employees working remotely or on mobile devices. Hector Hoyos, founder and CEO of Hoyos Labs...

M&C Saatchi Mobile’s DeAngelis Creates Ads for Mobile First & Foremost

Nov 23, 2015

M&C Saatchi Mobile was founded in 2006, predating the iPhone and proliferation of both handheld devices and apps that have dramatically changed the marketing and advertising...

Industry Insight

Dynamic Pricing Changing Vacation Planning and Profitability

Apr 10, 2017

Dynamic pricing has been a game changer for the vacation business, and as Hans Klis reports, some savvy companies and destinations have taken price discovery—finding out what the...

RevCascade's Electronic Data Interchange Seeks to Give Retailers an Ecommerce Boost

Dec 12, 2016

RevCascade is trying to put brands and retailers on equal footing with the mega players in the ecommerce business. Hans Klis checks out the company’s marketplace technology.

Latin America: Increasing Mobile Payment Adoption Part 2

Aug 8, 2016

The countries of Latin America offer unique and compelling opportunities for mobile payments, especially given the proliferation of mobile devices in the region. But as Ruben Martinez...


Mobile Digest

Mobile Digest: Lenovo reimagines smartphone with flexible tech

Jun 13, 2016

Google’s Project Tango is up and running, Yahoo's internet business is still for sale, and Lenovo shares big ideas on the future of the smartphone. Andrew Tolve reports.

Mobile Digest: New Google Daydream platform turns everyday smartphones into VR devices

May 31, 2016

Microsoft’s smartphone division continues to hemorrhage jobs, as Google launches a suite of impressive mobile platforms and devices at its annual I/O Developer Conference. Andrew Tolve...

Mobile Digest: With Facebook Live, FB makes us stars of our own reality TV shows

Apr 18, 2016

Samsung brings the flip phone back, HTC launches its new flagship HTC 10, as Facebook turns live streams into a social bonanza. Andrew Tolve reports.