Executive Viewpoint

Astro's AI Apps Now Integrated with Email, Slack, and Alexa

Jun 19, 2017

We all carry around a lot of information, communicate with different people across various platforms, and many of us are setting copious reminders to try and keep our work and personal...

Skyhook Scores with Proprietary Mobile Location Services

Sep 19, 2016

Mobile location services company Skyhook helps companies monitor locations, trigger events, and provide context for consumer behavior. David Barstow, VP of product for Skyhook...

Hoyos Labs: Authentication and Security without Passwords

Jan 11, 2016

Identity theft and authentication are growing concerns for companies, especially with more employees working remotely or on mobile devices. Hector Hoyos, founder and CEO of Hoyos Labs...

Industry Insight

Greenfly Creating Buzz with Platform for Content Creation and Sharing

May 22, 2017

Greenfly, a content platform with an “inside baseball” name, has grown beyond its sports roots in a bid to simplify the process of creating and sharing content.

Dynamic Pricing Changing Vacation Planning and Profitability

Apr 10, 2017

Dynamic pricing has been a game changer for the vacation business, and as Hans Klis reports, some savvy companies and destinations have taken price discovery—finding out what the...

RevCascade's Electronic Data Interchange Seeks to Give Retailers an Ecommerce Boost

Dec 12, 2016

RevCascade is trying to put brands and retailers on equal footing with the mega players in the ecommerce business. Hans Klis checks out the company’s marketplace technology.


Mobile Digest

Mobile Digest: Facebook and Equifax flubs show what an illusion cyber security has become

Sep 11, 2017

Facebook and Equifax are both on defense against hackers and trolls. Also, the iPhone X is here. Andrew Tolve reports.

Mobile Digest: Waymo fails to deliver knock-out blow to Uber

May 8, 2017

Uber’s self-driving car program is under threat after revelations of a remarkable feat of cyber espionage. Andrew Tolve reports.

Mobile Digest: Lenovo reimagines smartphone with flexible tech

Jun 13, 2016

Google’s Project Tango is up and running, Yahoo's internet business is still for sale, and Lenovo shares big ideas on the future of the smartphone. Andrew Tolve reports.